New clean energy innovations are going viral on YouTube

solixiThree videos presenting energy innovations started going viral on YouTube just a few days after they were published. Jyri Jaakkola, the inventor, uploaded the videos to YouTube last week. By weekend, the daily views had climbed from a few hundred to tens of thousands and spread to all continents.

These videos are a bit technical, and meant mainly for people who have a level of understanding about energy production and business. They do not include hit music or cute cats, so the popularity is quite exceptional.

Solixi has been under development since 2010.

The first of the videos presents a solar concentrator, its models and assembly. The second video tells about a water boiler that has both more capacity for energy storage and the ability to recycle energy and offer cooling during heat waves. The third video explains how the controller operates, shows how to optimize PV-panel productivity, presents modular and independent power plant and the progress in productization.

The energy industry is facing big challenges around the world. Renewable energy, recycling energy, local self-sufficient production and energy storage problems are all among the hot topics – with the price of course.

The new innovations presented in the videos bring all these together with simple engineering and regular materials. Mr. Jaakkola thinks that based on the surprising popularity of the videos, there are many who agree.

For more information, please watch the videos below.

Solixi concentrator (9 min)

Solixi boiler (7,5 min)

Solixi energy (7 min)

Mr. Jyri Jaakkola


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